DIY: Infinity Scarf


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This time of year being cozy is a must.

DIY Infinity ScarfScarves can make a slouchy tunic and leggings look more stylish and less lazy.  Here’s how to turn out a super easy infinity scarf.

DIY ScarfStart off with an old dress.  I used a bodycon dress because I hate really tight clothes.  Cut a thick bottom portion of the dress off and stretch it out so the ends roll up a little bit.

Sweater DIYYou’ll also need a strip of fabric.  I used chunky sweater fabric to add texture.  Lace would also work well.

Easy DIY ScarfGlue the strip of fabric to the scarf.  When it dries it’s ready to wear.  I love pretty much anything involving sweater material.


What I’m Into


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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.  

Dramatic and Smokey Face & Eye Trio

VS PaletteI got this little palette on clearance from Victoria’s Secret for like $7, and I’m shockingly pleased with it.

Spring MakeupI threw this in my cart because I was like $5 away from free shipping.  At first I was just using the bronzer which I happen to love.  Then I used the shadow one day… I thought I’d look like a mouse because pink doesn’t work with fair skin, but I didn’t.  The pink and purple gave me a natural spring-ish smokey eye and the bronzer made my skin glow.  I feel like Victoria’s Secret discontinues everything so this is probably already gone, but I hope they come out with a beachy summer palette.

Clinique Shadow Quad


I really don’t know if this is a sample or not (someone gave it to me), but it’s like the size of a drugstore palette.

Spring Eyeshadow

The colors in this little quad are sunset-y and perfect for spring.  At the beginning of the year I like to lighten up makeup and use soft sheer shimmer eyeshadow with a bold lip.  I’ve been kind of neglecting my Naked palettes for this little Clinique and VS one.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses

I have really sensitive eyes and sometimes if I get moisturizer or shampoo in them they won’t stop watering, so I wear fake glasses to keep the watering at bay.  I get most of my glasses from Amazon and I just got this pair.  I love cat eye glasses.

What I’m Hating

Crumpled sleeves.

Crumpled SleevesI hate it when I wash and dry a shirt without unrolling the sleeves.  I get stuck with atrocious crumpled sleeves.  Even if I rewash, the crumple is still there.  It takes a hot minute to get rid of this situation and like one second to prevent.  Uggh.

DIY: Stylish Tea Lights


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Winter can be so depressing.

DIY Candle Holder

I like to light candles in every single room when I’m home to make things cozier.  Candles make me feel better about holiday season being over and the fact that it’s freezing outside.  Here’s how to turn out little glam tea light holders.

Gold Tea Light HolderYou’ll need Mod Podge, gold glitter, and painters tape.

Tea Light Candle HolderYou also need tea light holders, I found these at Michael’s for $1 each.  If you don’t want to use tea light holders, you can use a vase, glasses, or pretty much anything that you want to display.

Fun Tea Light HolderUse painters tape to section off the portion of the glass that you want to add glitter to.

Stylish Tea LightsPaint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the sectioned off glass and cover it generously with glitter.  This is extremely messy so make sure you put down newspaper or tissue paper.  Carefully pull the tape off immediately after adding the glitter and let the glasses dry.

Glitter Candle Holder

When the first layer has dried, add a second layer of Mod Podge over the glitter.  This will hold the glitter in place so you don’t find it everywhere.  When everything dries you can add your tea lights.

Rustic Candle Holder

I like to give these a rustic glam feel by adding coffee beans to the holders first and then placing the tea lights in.  The beans hold the candle in place and make your house smell amazing.

Ipsy Glam Bag Review: January


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I totally forgot about Ipsy this month.

Glam BagI hadn’t checked my mail for like two weeks and when I finally did, my glam bag was there.

Ipsy Glam BagThe bag is pretty good quality but I don’t like that each side is a different color.  Here’s what was inside.

Pacifica, Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure

PacificaI like Pacifica’s colors but I feel like their shadows are not that good.  The shadows always crease, they never last throughout the day, and you have to apply sooo many layers to get any color.  The shade of this shadow is really pretty, it’s a perfect golden bronze.


The shadow itself kind of sucks.  I’d be more inclined to use this as a highlighter.

 Bella Pierre, Shimmer Powder in Whesek

Shimmer Powder

I’ve never heard of Bella Pierre before.  This is a nice size sample, but the color is not for me.

Grey EyeshadowThe shimmer powder is insanely pigmented and has the perfect amount of shimmer.  The color is really pretty but it’s not one that I want on my face.  Grey washes me out and makes me look dead.  I wish I got the gold or bronze shimmer powder.

Elizabeth Mott, All Over Shadow Brush

Shadow BrushI love a shadow brush.  This brush is pretty and super soft.  I freaking love it when Ipsy sends makeup brushes.

MALIN+GOETZ, Mojito Lip Balm 

Lip Balm

This is another brand that I’ve never heard of.  I love a lip product.  This one’s ok but it’s nothing spesh.  It smells like lime and makes me want to be on a beach.

Probelle, Into The Blue Nail Lacquer

Blue NailsThe color is really pretty but I’m not that into blue nails.  Blue stains your nails which I hate.  I’ll probably wear this during the summer when I’m tan but right now I’m super pale and blue isn’t flattering.

The Verdict

Meh.  I liked the products but not the colors.  Maybe I need to change my Ipsy beauty profile.  I don’t think I’ll use anything in this bag except for the lip balm, but I thought the bag was like a nice try… I just hope they try harder next month.


What I’m Into


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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.  

Slipper Socks

Slipper SocksIf my feet are cold, I’m cold.  If my feet are warm, I’m a happier person.

Green Nails

Green NailsI got this color around Christmas but I’ve been wearing it a lot recently.  It’s more of a spring green than a Christmas green.

Sinful ColorsThis green is shockingly stylish.  It’s a nice break from reds and pinks, and I got it for 99 cents!

VS Shampoo + Condish

Shampoo and ConditionerI have a tousle spray from VS that smells amazing, I use it to freshen up my hair on days where I don’t wash it.  I picked up this set of shamp and condish because it had that exact scent.  These smell sooo good and the scent stays in your hair until you wash it.  It also makes my hair super silky.

VS Dry Shamp

Dry ShampooI’ve never found a dry shampoo that I don’t love.  This one works well and I like the pink bottle.  After New Year’s I tend to gravitate towards the color pink, all types of pink… light, dark, hot.

What I’m Hating

Hair dye stains.

Hair Dye StainsI HATE when hair dye stains my towels and little turbans.  The stains still look disgusting even after washing them.  Dye stains make me feel like a dirty person.  So gross.